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      Application Field

      • PharmaceuticalPharmaceutical industry
      • Food AdditiveFood Additive
      • Feed AdditivesFeed Additives
      • ReagentReagent

      Product Features

      With ribonucleic acid (RNA) as raw material, the enzyme catalytic hydrolysis reaction to generate the 5 '- adenosine (5 -' AMP), 5 '- guanosine monophosphate (5' - GMP), 5 '- cytidine acid (5' - CMP) and 5 '- uridine acid (5' - UMP party) and so on four kind of 5 'nucleotide, and then by chromatography separation to obtain high purity of four single 5' - nucleotide products. This product can be used in medicine, reagent, fine chemical industry, food additives and other fields.



      Baby Formula

      This company is a high-tech investment group, jiangsu and Shanghai science and technology investment co., LTD., in the private life of high-tech enterprises, is a domestic rules < br > module's largest professional manufacturing nucleotide series products supplier
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